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Rogers Behavioral Health is a not-for-profit, independent provider of specialized mental health and addiction treatment. As one of the largest behavioral healthcare systems in the United States, Rogers offers highly effective, evidence-based treatment that helps people reach their full potential for health and well-being.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with a mental health disorder, Rogers Behavioral Health can help.

For a free screening, call 800-767-4411, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Founded in 1907 in Wisconsin with locations in ten states, Rogers is a not-for-profit provider of mental health and addiction treatment. Our specialized care for children, adolescents, and adults is backed by proven clinical outcomes.

Treatment locations

We have multiple treatment options in a variety of locations including, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Rogers Connect Care, our telehealth option for select PHP and IOP programming, is currently available to residents living in Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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Types of care

Residential Care large beautiful building with flowers

Residential care

Rogers’ nationally recognized residential treatment centers providing intensive treatment for mental health, eating disorders, and substance use disorders.

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Rogers Connect Care

Rogers Connect Care

A telehealth option for PHP and IOP programming currently available in Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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Adult care

Adult services

Rogers offers a variety of services in multiple locations for adults. 

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Child and adolescent care

Child and adolescent services

We have programs for kids and teens in multiple specialties in multiple locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I come to Rogers for treatment, how long will I be there?

Your length of stay depends on which type of care and level of treatment we’re admitting you to, as well as your past history, current symptoms, support systems, resources and risk factors. We estimate the average length of stay to be 3 to 12 days for inpatient hospitalization, 30 to 60 days for residential care, and 4 to 8 weeks for partial hospitalization care, and 4 to 8 weeks for intensive outpatient care. These estimates can vary based on individual needs and insurance coverage.

Can I leave treatment whenever I want?

You may request a discharge at any time, but we advise that any decisions about discharge be made collaboratively with the treatment team, so a thoughtful aftercare plan can be developed and arranged. If you are receiving treatment due to a court order, a doctor’s order to discharge is required before you can leave. In situations involving imminent concerns for your safety, further evaluation may be necessary.

How much does treatment cost at Rogers?

Our insurance pricing calculator can help you estimate the out-of-pocket costs of your care (the amount you can expect to owe for your treatment). The federal government requires us to post standard charges for inpatient and outpatient services and items we provide, and this tool goes beyond that requirement to help you estimate the cost based on your insurance plan including co-pays and deductibles. If you need help with your bill, click here to find information about our Financial Assistance Policy.

To help you better understand healthcare services, the cost of care, and comparison shop between hospitals, additional information is available at

How do I know if my insurance will cover treatment?

Because every plan has its own rules for coverage, you should contact your insurance carrier to see if you need pre-approval before scheduling your admission. Please visit the insurance coverage page for more information.

What’s a typical day in treatment like?

While a typical day may look slightly different based on your level of care and treatment program, you can expect to engage in both group-based education and individual time to work on assignments geared toward your unique treatment plan. Each day, you will work with multiple members of our multidisciplinary team to ensure that you gain the skills and tools needed to overcome challenges.

Does Rogers offer a virtual treatment option?

To ensure our communities have access to evidence-based treatment, Rogers Behavioral Health offers Rogers Connect Care, a telehealth treatment option for patients living in Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin who would benefit from specialized partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP) levels of care. Treatment programs available through Rogers Connect Care vary by location.

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