Child and Adolescent Services

Behavioral health services for children and adolescents

When your child struggles with behavioral problems or mental illness, your heart breaks. It can be difficult to grasp and even harder to talk about, and you’re probably not sure where to turn. Maybe you’ve tried to manage it yourself, or maybe you’ve pursued countless treatment options to no avail— all the while wishing you could simply love them through it. Either way, it’s overwhelming.

We get it, and we want to help. 

Your son or daughter is not alone, and neither are you. Rogers offers one of the most comprehensive programs for children and adolescents available anywhere. Here, you will find a unique blend of intensive, specialized psychiatric care combined with education, proven treatment options and an unwavering commitment to supporting your family.

Our programs for children and adolescents include:

Led by nationally recognized, board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists, our experienced, compassionate team will work with you, school professionals and referring providers to develop a personalized treatment plan to help your child gain the confidence and skills to conquer his or her unique challenges. 

We want to help.

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Adult services

Rogers offers a variety of services in multiple locations for adults. 

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Levels of care

We provide specialized care for mental health and addiction, with the benefit of multiple levels of care. 

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We have experienced, multidisciplinary teams across the country who are ready to help. 

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