Primary Behavioral Health PHP/IOP

Primary Behavioral Health PHP/IOP

When you experience repetitive negative thoughts, avoid activities you once enjoyed, have difficulty managing your emotions, or experience another challenging mental health symptoms, it can be difficult to make the changes needed to regain the life you enjoy.

Primary Behavioral Health is a group-based program designed to a patients’ unique needs. Our multi-disciplinary team will focus on patients’ specific symptoms rather than a diagnosis to create a customized treatment plan. Examples of these symptoms include lack of motivation, avoidance, trouble controlling their emotions, and difficulty with managing repetitive negative thoughts and maintaining healthy relationships. Adults and adolescents will learn to understand their personal coping strategies and how these strategies prevent them from living a full and happy life.

PHP/IOP offers two levels of specialized treatment for Primary Behavioral Health

Treatment available for adults and adolescents:

  • Partial hospitalization care
    (6 to 7 hours a day/5 days a week)

  • Intensive outpatient care
    (3 hours a day, 5 days a week)

Patients, families, and treatment teams work together to determine length of programs based on individual progress and situations.

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Types of therapy

Using our evidence-based treatment approach, we work with you or your loved one in daily therapy for several weeks, depending on your treatment program. You remain connected to family and, if in IOP, you can continue with work. Components of therapy may vary by treatment plan, but often include: 


  Rogers’ Primary Behavioral Health program is available in:


  Appleton, WI (PHP, IOP)

  Atlanta, GA (PHP)

  Brown Deer, WI (PHP, IOP)

  Denver, CO (PHP, IOP)

  Hinsdale, IL (PHP, IOP)

  St. Paul, MN (PHP, IOP)

  San Diego, CA (PHP)

  Skokie, IL (PHP, IOP)

  Tampa, FL (PHP, IOP)

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Primary Behavioral Health is a group-based program designed to a patients’…
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