Specialized care

Specialized care

At Rogers, we offer a broad range of specialized care with individualized plans for our patients.  

We understand each patient’s mental health condition and path to recovery are unique. When traditional weekly outpatient therapy isn’t enough, patients who need more intensive options can find comprehensive treatment.


Watch some of our Patient Stories to learn about their experience with our specialized care and their outcomes.

Rogers specializes in a broad range of mental health conditions.

Leading multi-specialty behavioral health practice

From San Francisco to Philadelphia, you can rely on the knowledge, skill and compassion of our medical staff and the teams of professionals in behavioral health they lead across the country.

  • Each multidisciplinary care team is led by a psychiatrist. Whether in outpatient, residential, or inpatient care, every patient is assigned to a psychiatrist.
  • Our psychiatrists are highly trained sub-specialists who are experts in a particular condition and age level from children to adolescents to adults. Many of our psychiatrists have additional certification and fellowship training in their disciplines. From advanced nurse practitioners trained in psychiatry and specialists in addiction medicine, to specialty areas like OCD, mood disorders, and anxiety among kids with autism spectrum disorder, our medical staff offers a depth of knowledge.
  • Evidence shows that a combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy is most effective in care delivery. This approach helps produce the best patient outcomes, even those with complex cases and co-occurring disorders.
  • Rogers’ medical staff has the recognition and respect of its peers. Many serve as faculty at local universities, conduct research, and present regularly at state, regional, national and international conferences. Our members have led state and national associations, and helped establish policy and standards within their fields. 

Rising Above OCD: Cody's Story

Cody describes himself as a happy child growing up, but during high school he experienced bullying due to his sexuality and being openly gay. He was ... Read More

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Multiple levels of care

Levels of care

We provide specialized care for mental health and addiction, with the benefit of multiple levels of care. 

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Therapeutic approach

Our therapeutic approach

We offer an evidence-based approach to care designed specifically for you.

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We have experienced, multidisciplinary teams across the country who are ready to help. 

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