ARFID and Severe Picky Eating Recovery

ARFID and Severe Picky Eating PHP/IOP

While many children are picky eaters or avoid trying new foods from time to time, for some the issue is more serious. Often referred to as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), severe picky eating differs from typical childhood pickiness due to the level of physical and mental distress that eating causes.

ARFID symptoms

  • Fear that something bad will happen when eating, such as choking or getting sick
  • Avoiding specific foods due to texture, taste, smell, appearance, or negative past experiences
  • Eating a limited number of “safe” foods
  • Very little interest in eating
  • Avoiding social settings that involve eating, such as birthday parties or school lunchtime
  • Unlike other eating disorders, there is no concern with body image or weight changes

Personalized ARFID treatment plan

Severe picky eating is treatable, and it’s important to address it early to prevent other challenges. Under the guidance of Rogers’ skilled, compassionate treatment team, children and teens in our severe picky eating program participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), meal exposures, and independent work to improve their relationship with food and eating.

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