Whether you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol or other substances, life with addiction is tough. Maybe you or a loved one has sought help and succeeded for a while, but then fallen back into the addiction. Maybe you’ve tried again and again. The journey is different for each individual facing it.

We get that. And we’re here to help.

The next level of care

Your path to sobriety and recovery often begins with a skilled community provider. Or, it may start with a visit to an emergency room for a more urgent need. If you’ve been down that road, and need more help in overcoming your addiction, Rogers Behavioral Health offers the next level of care. With that care comes the expertise and experience of professionals specializing in addiction, led by psychiatrists and physicians with special certification in, and a deep commitment to, addiction medicine.

A team of psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, counselors, therapists, behavioral specialists and more work with adolescents and adults with substance use disorders. Here you’ll find a range of treatment options including:

  • Inpatient care, including withdrawal management and inpatient rehabilitation
  • Residential care at the Herrington Recovery Center or the new Adolescent Recovery Center, averaging 30 to 60 days
  • Specialized outpatient services, including day treatment through partial hospital and intensive outpatient programs

We specialize in care for substance use disorders, including alcohol, drug and, specifically, opioid addiction, as well as the dual diagnosis of mental health and addiction.

Our treatment approach

We help you better understand this chronic disease of the brain, and how you can move forward with effective therapy. At our core, we deliver solid addiction treatment, including the guiding framework of the 12-step program in addition to cognitive behavioral therapies and medication management. Individual, group and family therapy are part of all programming.

We also draw on our expertise in mental health, with expanding programming for dual diagnoses of mental health and addiction. Several programs include the option of medication-assisted treatment as part of an overall plan of care.

The appropriate level of care for you is determined based on physician review of an initial free screening you can do over the phone with one of our admissions counselors. 

We want to help.

Contact us to request a free confidential screening and learn more.

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Inpatient services
We offer inpatient care to help you gain stability before safely entering lower levels of care.
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Addiction outpatient services
Stay on track for addiction and dual diagnosis recovery through day treatment programs.
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Addiction residential services
Adults and teens can find a path to recovery from addiction and dual diagnoses.
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