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Intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient psychiatric care in Kenosha

At Rogers in Kenosha children, teens, and adults can access effective treatment and the support needed to find hope and healing from addiction and underlying mental health issues, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, and other mood disorders. Each patient’s treatment is individualized and based on the same quality, evidence-based outcomes with support from an experienced multidisciplinary treatment team.

We offer two levels of specialized care in Kenosha that allow each patient a significant amount of time in treatment while still maintaining a regular home schedule and strong network of family and friends.

  • Partial hospitalization care (PHP), six hours per day, five days per week
  • Intensive outpatient care (IOP), three hours per day, five days per week

Rogers Connect Care, our telehealth option for select PHP and IOP programming, is currently available to residents living in Illinois, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Addiction treatment at Rogers draws on the 12-step program along with other evidence-based interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills; motivational interviewing (MI); medication management; and individual, group, and family sessions.

Because many people struggling with addiction are also facing underlying mental health challenges, we also treat both disorders concurrently.

Depression and other mood disorders

Within our Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program, a group-based therapy, patients will learn practical life skills such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal skills to stabilize mood and behavior. DBT is effective in treating individuals who struggle with chronic suicidal ideation and non-suicidal self-injury, as well as people who have trouble regulating their emotions. Rogers offers DBT programs for adults.

OCD and Anxiety

Rogers is a global leader in treatment of OCD and related anxiety disorders. Through our treatment, children, adolescents, and adults learn strategies to reduce the symptoms of OCD. Our evidence-based therapies for OCD combine cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); exposure and response prevention (ERP); medication management; individual, group and family sessions; and experiential therapy.

Outpatient Psychiatric Care

On your mental health journey, it’s important to ensure that your medication needs are met. In Rogers’ outpatient psychiatric care offering, now available to children, adolescents, and adults in Wisconsin, you’ll meet with a Rogers provider for a psychiatric evaluation and a focused discussion about your medication options. Offered virtually, this is an excellent option for those who do not currently have a provider to meet their medication needs. 

Programs Age Level of Care View
DBT Mental Health Recovery Adult Partial Hospitalization View
Focus Depression Recovery Adolescent Partial Hospitalization View
Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Adult Partial Hospitalization View
Adult Intensive Outpatient (Virtual) View
Mental Health Recovery Adult Partial Hospitalization View
Adolescent Partial Hospitalization View
Adult Intensive Outpatient (Virtual) View
OCD and Anxiety Child
Partial Hospitalization View

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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

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