Referral Partners

Refer a patient 

Helping a patient on the road to recovery means collaboration and partnership among everyone involved in the process. We work with psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, educational consultants, dietitians and others across the country seeking the specialized levels of care Rogers Behavioral Health can provide your patients. We appreciate your referral, and we’re happy to answer questions regarding treatment and care, and discuss the individual needs of your patients.

  • For questions regarding an admission, call our admissions staff at 800-767-4411 or call the location of interest to you.
  • For general information about our care and treatment, or to request a tour of one of our locations, please contact a member of our outreach team.

When to refer 

The criteria for admission vary by program and level of care. However, Rogers generally sees patients who need more intensive levels of care, whether that is:

  • Inpatient care and withdrawal management, for acute situations requiring medical and emotional stabilization 
  • Specialized outpatient care, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care, both providing treatment during part of the day (3 hours to 6 hours a day, depending on level of care) 
  • Residential care, longer-term, medical model of therapeutic care; often 30 to 60 days in length, directed by board-certified psychiatrists or clinical psychologists

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What you can expect 

Each potential patient undergoes a phone or in-person screening. This provides us with the opportunity to assess whether Rogers’ services meet the needs of your patient, and to identify the appropriate treatment and level of care.

  • Admissions representatives conduct the screening
  • Psychiatrists or clinical directors (psychologists) review and approve all admissions, including recommended treatment and level of care 
  • If you or your patient provide your name and contact information, a member of the Rogers team will reach out to you upon admission and prior to discharge. 

By policy, Rogers Behavioral Health's Wisconsin locations recognize referring provider communication as part of the continuum of care; outside of Wisconsin, a release of information is required for any patients receiving addiction treatment services. 

Stay connected

If you are interested in staying informed about Rogers' care and treatment, people and professional events, please sign up for e-news and special e-updates.

Your patients may call 800-767-4411, or directly contact an admissions representative at any of the following locations to arrange a free telephone screening.

  • Oconomowoc – 262-646-4411
  • Brown Deer – 414-865-2500 (hospital) or 414-355-9000 (outpatient center)
  • West Allis – 414-327-3000
  • Hinsdale – 630-686-4544 or 844-615-3222
  • Tampa – 844-220-4411 or 813-498-6400
  • Nashville – 844-615-3221 or 615-760-3990
  • Minneapolis – 844-599-8959 or 763-318-2800
  • Philadelphia – 844-843-3992 or 267-787-6600
  • San Francisco – 844-650-4411 or 925-266-8800
  • Skokie – 844-615-3222 or 224-470-4100

Individuals requesting a screening should have the following information ready:

  • Patient name
  • Age
  • Potential program for treatment (will be confirmed via assessment)
  • Insurance information

You can also fill out an online screening request form on behalf of your patient

  • Kristine Bazalar, Director of Business Development, Western Region

    Kristine Bazalar

    Director of Business Development, Western Region

    Kristine works as the director of business development for Rogers’ west coast locations. In her role, Kristine is responsible for outreach to referring providers and assisting with contracting ...

    Read More

  • Jean Corrao, Outreach Representative

    Jean Corrao

    Outreach Representative

    Jean is the primary outreach contact for Eating Disorder Recovery Residential Care. She also works closely with the chemical dependency, OCD, child and adolescent residential care at ...

    Read More

  • Blair Famarin, MSW, LCSW, Outreach Lead

    Blair Famarin, MSW, LCSW

    Outreach Lead

    Blair contributes to Rogers' national outreach efforts in the Chicago metropolitan area, offering personalized and face-to-face contact with referents at hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools and ...

    Read More

  • Katie FitzGerald, MA, Outreach Representative

    Katie FitzGerald, MA

    Outreach Representative

    Katie is an outreach representative for Rogers’ St. Paul clinic. She is responsible for developing and executing proactive community relations strategies that raise awareness of the mental ...

    Read More

  • Janet Gatlin, MBA, Outreach Lead

    Janet Gatlin, MBA

    Outreach Lead

    Janet works as the Outreach Lead and establishes strong relationships with referring providers while also mentoring our Wisconsin-based outreach team members. 

    She is also the point of ...

    Read More

  • Jillian Grulich, Outreach Representative

    Jillian Grulich

    Outreach Representative

    Jillian works with families, referring professionals, and the Tampa community to help them better understand the local treatment options at Rogers Behavioral Health in Tampa and its inpatient care ...

    Read More

  • Annie Jaworska, MBA, LCPC, CADC, Outreach Representative

    Annie Jaworska, MBA, LCPC, CADC

    Outreach Representative

    Annie works as the Outreach Representative for Rogers Behavioral Health in Hinsdale, helping to coordinate outreach and promotional activities as well as working with families and referring ...

    Read More

  • Alyssa Morelli, Outreach Support Specialist

    Alyssa Morelli

    Outreach Support Specialist

    Alyssa supports the outreach team by helping families and referring professionals better understand the comprehensive treatment and evidence-based approach to care offered by Rogers Behavioral ...

    Read More

  • Kristy Mueller, Outreach Representative

    Kristy Mueller

    Outreach Representative

    Kristy works with referents, patients and families who are looking for information about the specialty mental health programs available at Rogers Behavioral Health, both in Nashville and ...

    Read More

  • Sarah Norfleet, Outreach Representative

    Sarah Norfleet

    Outreach Representative

    Sarah works as the National outreach Representative for Rogers–Miami, where she helps introduce families, referring partners, and the Miami community to the treatment options available at ...

    Read More

  • Kim Peterson, Outreach Representative

    Kim Peterson

    Outreach Representative

    Kim Peterson works as the Community Outreach Representative for Rogers Behavioral Health in Brown Deer. She works within the community to promote Rogers’ treatment options, build relationships ...

    Read More

  • Andrea Picariello, Outreach Representative

    Andrea Picariello

    Outreach Representative

    Andrea provides support for families and referring partners in her role as the national outreach representative for Rogers–Philadelphia, assisting in its mission to bring compassionate, ...

    Read More

  • Rick Ramsay, Outreach and Conference Lead

    Rick Ramsay

    Outreach and Conference Lead

    Rick serves as the outreach and conference lead at Rogers and is in charge of defining and implementing Rogers’ strategy for national conferences, sponsorships, and speaking engagements. Rick is ...

    Read More

  • Kara Rapozo, Director of Business Development

    Kara Rapozo

    Director of Business Development

    As the director of business development for the outreach department at Rogers Behavioral Health, Kara has oversight of the development and implementation of referral strategies, recruiting, and ...

    Read More

  • Katie Richburg, MA, LCPC, Outreach Representative

    Katie Richburg, MA, LCPC

    Outreach Representative

    Katie Richburg is an outreach representative for Rogers Behavioral Health in Minneapolis who has more than 15 years in the behavioral health field. Katie coordinates within the community to ...

    Read More

  • Meghan Schnabl, Outreach Representative

    Meghan Schnabl

    Outreach Representative

    Meghan works as an outreach representative for Rogers Behavioral Health with a focus on the southeastern Wisconsin region. In her role, she is responsible for community outreach and assisting both ...

    Read More

  • Jamie Schrandt, Outreach Representative

    Jamie Schrandt

    Outreach Representative

    Jamie is a community outreach representative who works within the Madison area to spread awareness of Rogers treatment programs and make connections with referring professionals. She assists ...

    Read More

  • Amanda Settle, Outreach Representative

    Amanda Settle

    Outreach Representative

    Amanda Settle is a Community Outreach Representative for Rogers Behavioral Health in Appleton. She works within the community to help spread awareness of Rogers’ programs, eliminate stigma, and ...

    Read More

  • Nin Vartanyan, Outreach Representative

    Nin Vartanyan

    Outreach Representative

    Nin Vartanyan is an outreach representative for Rogers Behavioral Health in San Diego, where she offers face-to-face contact with referring professionals and health care professionals at ...

    Read More

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