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Wondering if your teen is using drugs or alcohol?

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Why do teens use drugs and alcohol?

Dr. Yunus

“Substance use is often a way teens self-medicate or alleviate the symptoms of a co-occurring mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD. We understand this critical element and are here to support you and your child.”

- Dr. Azhar Yunus, Medical Director of Rogers’ Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Adolescent Residential Care

We want to help!

Recognizing that your child may be using alcohol or drugs can be scary. Rogers can help you find the road to recovery. Through our residential addiction treatment in Wisconsin and various outpatient clinics throughout the country, we treat your teen’s mental health and use of alcohol, drugs or opioids at the same time.

Teen drug and alcohol use quiz

Answer the questions completely and honestly. Remember, it is never too late to seek help for your child.

The quiz below can help determine if your teen is demonstrating signs that he or she may be using drugs or alcohol. While helpful, it is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnosis or to diagnose substance use disorder or other mental health disorders.


Over the past month:

1. Have you noticed a change in your teen’s personality or behaviors, such as uncharacteristic irritability including aggressive or violent outbursts?

2. Have your teen’s grades in school decreased?

3. Have you noticed your teen withdrawing from friends and family?

4. Has your teen shown less interest in activities and lower motivation overall?

5. Have you noticed unusual physical symptoms, such as bloodshot or dilated eyes, weight loss, poor hygiene, unexplained nosebleeds, or shakiness?

6. Have you found drugs or paraphernalia in your teen’s room?

7. Do you have a family history of substance use?

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