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Promoting a healthy culture at Rogers

Promoting a healthy culture at Rogers

In order to provide the most effective treatment possible for our patients and their families, it’s important that employees feel supported and encouraged each day. That’s why Rogers strives to create a healthy culture where everyone, patients, and employees, can grow and feel welcome, safe, and respected.

Behavior Agreements

To support our healthy culture, we put Rogers' values of compassion, accountability, and excellence into action with each other through our nine shared behavior agreements.

  1. Be open and welcoming to all through our presence, tone, words, and body language.
  2. Speak up when we see problems or conflict in the workplace with a solution-focused, strength-based perspective.
  3. Seek to understand and value diverse perspectives.
  4. Work together as a team to accomplish goals.
  5. Seek support when needed, respond to requests for help, and offer to assist team members when possible.
  6. Prioritize and support work life balance and individual wellbeing.
  7. Use transparent and direct communication.
  8. Practice effective use of communication technology (Teams and email).
  9. Hold self, peers, and others accountable to these agreements and other commitments with respect.

Working as a team is at the core of our care approach at Rogers, so it’s important to us that we build healthy teams through various activities, including team-building events, daily tiered huddles, and compassion resilience groups.

Rogers Guiding Statement on Equity

Rogers commits to continually grow and humbly hold ourselves accountable to being an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for employees while offering culturally responsive and affirming care for our patients and their families. The actions we take to achieve this vision must be inclusive of all identities of our employees and those we serve.

Rogers advocates for social justice and the right of all people to reach their full potential. We pledge to work collaboratively with our partners and harness our internal resources to bring about meaningful and sustainable solutions to behavioral health inequities and systemic oppression for employees, patients, their families, and our communities.

Equity workgroups

Across the Rogers system we have created employee workgroups that are specifically focused on identifying opportunities for improvement to support equity, diversity, and inclusion. These areas of focus include, human resources, talent and leadership development, marketing and outreach, patient access, and patient care.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

To further support our healthy culture and Rogers Guiding Statement on Equity, we have created a BIPOC Employee Resource Group (ERG), a LGBTQIA+ ERG, and a Military, Veterans, and Supporters ERG, The goal of our ERGs is to provide an open forum where employees with a shared interest or identity aspire, develop and collaborate to reach their highest potential and serve as a key resource to the company for specific employee and patient insights.


Rogers Behavioral Health provides equal employment opportunity to all individuals. Learn more about our Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

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