Adult care

Adult Care

Specialized behavioral health care designed to help you find hope

Adults facing the challenges of a behavioral health disorder or addiction are often familiar with the feelings of defeat and inadequacy that come with the territory. Efforts to get life on track typically bring both progress and setbacks. But even at the breaking point, there is hope.

We understand, and we want to help.

You don't have to go it alone. Rogers Behavioral Health provides comprehensive, specialized treatment for a range of mental health challenges. We are committed to helping patients gain insight into behaviors and feelings, setting and achieving realistic goals, and discovering ways to make and maintain lasting improvements.

At Rogers, patients are supported by a team of nationally recognized, board-certified psychiatrists, offering the expertise necessary to treat even the most complex cases and co-occurring disorders. As specialists in mental health and addiction, psychiatrists partner with psychologists and a multidisciplinary group of behavioral specialists, nurses, therapists, dietitians, and more to provide you with a proven effective mix of therapy and medication management.

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Use the directory below to search services that meet your needs for eating disorders, OCD and anxiety, depression and mood disorders, addiction, or PTSD.

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We have experienced, multidisciplinary teams across the country who are ready to help. 

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Multiple levels of care

Levels of care

We provide specialized care for mental health and addiction, with the benefit of multiple levels of care. 

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Child and adolescent care

Child and adolescent services

We have programs for kids and teens in multiple specialties in multiple locations.

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Denise's Story

Real people sharing what they have overcome and how Rogers helped through their process.

Hear Denise's joy in recovery with OCD ... Read More

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