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 Proven Outcomes

Confidence in treatment results

For more than 25 years, Rogers has been measuring treatment outcomes and sharing the results in the most transparent, scientifically reliable way possible. More than 61,000 patients have participated in outcomes-related research to date. Rogers conducts approximately one million patient assessments each year: taken at the start of treatment, at discharge, and 12 months after care to show that gains made in treatment are maintained.

Driving improvement

We use the data to drive improvement in three ways:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams make real-time adjustments to individual treatment plans based on the patient’s progress relative to the expected pace of improvement.

  • Our teams use statistical analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of each program by location allowing us to make modifications to achieve the best overall results for our patients.

  • By aggregating data across the Rogers system, we enhance our understanding of clinical effectiveness across programs and levels of care. This also allows for opportunities to broadly contribute to research in the field due to the number of patients we treat and the size of our data sample.

Publications and presentations

As a national leader in outcomes studies, much of our research has been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals and presented at national and international conferences. See examples of published studies and presentations here.



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