Rogers Behavioral Health in Atlanta

Rogers Behavioral Health in Atlanta

New Atlanta location for leading mental healthcare services, coming soon.
Rogers Behavioral Health is proud to announce the opening of our first Georgia location opening this spring in the Atlanta area. 
By working closely with patients and families, our multidisciplinary teams, led by board-certified psychiatrists, develop a personalized plan with clinically effective therapies to treat OCD, anxiety, trauma (posttraumatic stress disorder), depression, and other mood disorders. Watch for more details to be announced soon.
See the effects of our evidence-based treatment.

OCD and anxiety

We can help those struggling address compulsive behaviors, such as rituals, avoidance, or overwhelming fears with our treatment in Atlanta. Internationally recognized in treating OCD with one of the most comprehensive treatment programs available, we focus on evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); exposure and response prevention (ERP); medication management; individual, group and family therapy; and experiential therapy.

Depression recovery

The team at Rogers in Atlanta can provide you with an individualized treatment plan that will help you gain insight into your behaviors and feelings, set realistic goals, and develop new skills for success.

Treatment for depression and other mood disorders include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); behavioral activation (BA); dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT); medication management; individual, group and family therapy; and experiential therapy.

Trauma (posttraumatic stress disorder)

We provide care for those struggling with trauma and PTSD through evidence-based treatment that research shows is the most effective for reducing symptoms.

Treatment plans are based on a proven method called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), emphasizing prolonged exposure, which helps reduce anxiety related to a traumatic event. Patients may participate in group therapy, acceptance, self-compassion and mindfulness strategies, experiential therapy, patient and family education, individual therapy and medication management.

  • Loren Post, PhD, Clinical Director

    Loren Post, PhD

    Clinical Director

    Loren Post, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and serves as clinical director of Rogers Behavioral Health in Atlanta. Dr. Post specializes in evidence-based cognitive-behavioral treatments ...

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  • Shaneeta Dickens, Outreach Representative

    Shaneeta Dickens

    Outreach Representative

    Shaneeta Dickens is an outreach representative for Rogers Behavioral Health’s outpatient center in Atlanta, Georgia. She helps to inform the Atlanta community of Rogers’ programs, and assists ...

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