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OCD Treatment in Los Angeles

At Rogers, we’ve been helping people find a path to recovery for more than 115 years. We’re here to do the same today in the Los Angeles community by providing highly effective OCD treatment and compassionate care for those struggling with their mental health.

As our third location in California, Rogers is honored to further meet the need for quality mental health treatment nationwide. Building from our San Francisco East Bay and San Diego clinics, the LA location offers specialized OCD treatment services for patients in need of the next level of partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) care. 

Patients receive evidence-based, individualized treatment led by board-certified psychiatrists and a multidisciplinary team of experts.

OCD and anxiety

Internationally recognized in treating OCD with one of the most comprehensive treatment programs available, our evidence-based approach is based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention. We provide treatment to children, adolescents, and adults.

Depression recovery

Adolescents and adults struggling with depression learn how to use behavioral activation and dialectical behavior therapy-informed skills to manage depression and other mood disorders.

ARFID/Severe picky eating recovery

While many children are picky eaters or avoid trying new foods from time to time, for some the issue is more serious. Often referred to as Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), severe picky eating differs from typical childhood pickiness due to the level of physical and mental distress that eating causes. Children and teens in our severe picky eating program participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), meal exposures, and independent work to improve their relationship with food and eating.

Programs Age Level of Care View
ARFID/Severe picky eating recovery Child
Intensive Outpatient View
Focus Depression Recovery Adolescent Intensive Outpatient View
Adult Intensive Outpatient View
Adult Partial Hospitalization View
Adolescent Partial Hospitalization View
OCD and Anxiety Adult Intensive Outpatient View
Intensive Outpatient View
Adult Partial Hospitalization View
Partial Hospitalization View

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Photo of Tarik Hadzic, MD, PhD

Tarik Hadzic, MD, PhD

Associate Medical Director, Psychiatrist

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Amy Prout

Los Angeles Community Relations Liaison

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Photo of Sarah Schall, PsyD

Sarah Schall, PsyD

Clinical Supervisor, Psychologist

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Haiyan Wang, MD, MS


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