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Rogers Research Center pursues research that is directly translatable/related to the needs of the patient population we serve and to the behavioral health field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are patients required to participate in research?

No, research is always completely voluntary. A patient will never be required to participate as a condition of treatment or services.

How does Rogers protect a patient’s personal information if they participate in research?

Every research study conducted at any Rogers location is required to have a participant and confidentiality plan to protect a participant’s privacy. This plan is reviewed for completeness and effectiveness by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of the privacy and security of those participating in research and their data.

Who is eligible to participate in a Rogers research study?

Anyone may participate in a research study if study eligibility criteria are met.

Can persons who are not Rogers patients participate in our research studies?

Yes, there is often a need for community members to participate in research studies.

If you have an interest in finding out if you are eligible to serve as a study volunteer participant, please contact:

Is there a cost to participate in a research study?

There is no cost to participate in a research study. Whenever possible, the person leading the study and their team members will seek to minimize the demand on participants’ time to participate in research. For some studies, additional time, visits, or transportation will be required.

Can a study participant stop participating in a study?

Participants may leave a study at any time they wish. The person leading the study and their team members will work with the participant, and, if applicable, with their care team to decide the best timing and manner of discontinuing their participation.

Does Rogers share the results of research studies?

In order to improve our understanding of behavioral health issues and ways to improve treatment and outcomes in the field, as well as for our own patients, our goal is to publish and present the results of our research. We engage in robust, clinically relevant, high-quality research which is published in high impact peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at nationally recognized professional conferences. Communication of research results never reveals information that identifies individual participants. All research participants, families and community members are welcome to access the published results on our website.

Can I make a donation to support the Research Center?

Yes, Research Center staff work closely with Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation to help coordinate individual donations designated for research at Rogers. Visit the Donate page or contact Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation for more information.

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