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Ethics, Patient Safety, and Data Security

Rogers Research Center provides resources to investigators that foster the ethical conduct of research, ensure compliance with federal, state, sponsor, and agency requirements, and protect the safety and privacy of research participants.

Onboarding Researchers and Research Teams

All Rogers employees intending to conduct research must apply to become a Principal Investigator (PI) through the Research Center. Prior to conducting any research, the PI must attest to the Research Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

All research study team members must also disclose potential financial conflicts of interest and attest to the Research FCOI policy.

Human Subjects Research Protection - Institutional Review Board

The Rogers Institutional Review Board (Rogers IRB) ensures clinical research complies with the laws and policies designed to protect human research subjects and their identifiable data or medical records. Members of Rogers IRB are researchers, clinicians, other employees, and community representatives who have been trained to assess the safety and ethical standards of all research involving human subjects and their identifiable data.

Research Safety

The Research Center operates three laboratories in the lower level of the Ladish Co Foundation Center. Research Center leadership oversees laboratory, patient, and staff safety procedures and policies. The Vice President of Research also serves as a resource to Rogers’ research community regarding all questions related to research safety.

Research Ethics and Integrity

Rogers Research Center maintains strict adherence to its Research Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy.

Regulatory and feasibility reviews are conducted by Research Center staff prior to the submission of all funding proposals. The review assesses whether there are any issues relative to the FCOI policy; compliance with all appropriate Rogers policies, federal or state regulations, and sponsor/funder guidelines.

HIPAA compliance review and monitoring as appropriate within research is the responsibility of the IRB.

Financial compliance of all funded research is monitored by the Research Grant Specialist and the Grant Accountant, although the PI maintains overall responsibility and compliance for specific projects.

Equity and Inclusion

No one is excluded from participating in research based on gender, age, ethnicity, race, or religion. Rogers takes pride in an inclusive healthcare environment that services patients from diverse backgrounds.

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