How Rogers Research Center is helping transform the mental health field: Q&A with Rogers experts

Posted on 04/26/22 03:16:pm


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Rogers Behavioral Health has been a leader in the mental health and addiction field, collecting patient assessments for more than two decades.  Scientists at the Rogers Research Center are using that data to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of mental health practices.

“Because of Rogers’ focus on patient outcomes, we’ve got incredible baselines on which to build research protocols and we have a lot of data that can help us study how to help patients get better faster,” says Kelly Piacsek, PhD, vice president, Research.

“It takes new research and new ideas to come to the table so that we can provide the resources to our clinicians to help patients have the tools they need to get well,” says Sheldon Garrison, PhD, research scientist.

Click the video above to hear about research studies that are underway and the new bio bank being developed.

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