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For Partners and Collaborators

Rogers Research Center offers tools and resources to facilitate partnerships and collaborations between Rogers staff, industry partners, and professional external colleagues.

Rogers intramural collaborations

Rogers Behavioral Health strongly believes that engagement in research can benefit patient outcomes and improve the field of behavioral health. For these reasons, Rogers not only supports the research efforts of its employees, but also encourages the exploration of collaborative research ideas with internal and external partners.

For Rogers colleagues interested in exploring potential internal collaborations, please visit the Research Team page to learn more about Rogers’ scientists and researchers and their research interests. For those interested in exploring external partnerships with industry, academic, or other community-based organizations, please contact us at for support in negotiating contracts, memoranda of understanding and agreements, including data sharing.

Industry partnerships

Rogers Research Center welcomes the opportunity to connect our scientists and researchers with external industry partners for innovative collaborations. The Research Center has a team of engaged scientists focused on innovative approaches to behavioral health, and a dedicated staff supports our partners to streamline the negotiation process, identify additional partnership opportunities and ensure a successful collaboration.

If you have an interest in exploring a potential opportunity, please contact:

Research funding

Research funding generally comes from:

Individual donations: The Research Center works together with the Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation to engage individual and family donors interested in supporting research here at Rogers Behavioral Health. Funds from individual donors can be project-specific or designated for equipment and supply needs of the Research Center labs.

Private foundations: There are many local, national, and international private foundations interested in supporting research. Private foundation funds are usually smaller and shorter-term awards to be used for pilot projects, preliminary data collection, or less extensive projects. Private foundations often have a set of priorities for their funding with respect to a specific diagnosis, area of research, or population of people. These types of foundations usually have predictable application cycles annually.

Government funding: There is a range of governmental entities that release funding opportunities for research. The most relevant to the Research Center would be the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). These funding opportunities are for larger research projects that can span years. The Research Center can engage in government funding in a variety of ways: as a primary applicant (the leading organization on a proposal), a sub-awardee (a secondary, but pivotal partner on a proposal), contractor (formal contract, paid fee for service or as a consultant), or service agreement (less rigid than contract, not enforced by a third party). The applications and requirements for government funding are extensive. For contracting, subaward, or service agreements, please connect with us at:

Multidisciplinary collaborators

The Research Center is interested in exploring collaborative research ideas with researchers from other organizations and across academic disciplines. We continue to partner with community-based organizations to catalyze projects which have the potential to improve the lives of behavioral health patients.

For those interested in exploring these possibilities, please contact:

Extramural recruiters of Rogers patients

Rogers Behavioral Health works with external organizations that are interested in recruiting Rogers’ patients to participate in their research studies. Please contact the Research Center ( to discuss your request.

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Colleagues discussing and collaborating

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