Rogers Behavioral Health at a glance

Posted on 06/28/19 10:30:am Rogers Behavioral Health is a national provider of behavioral health services; learn more about our mission, values and history.

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Rogers has been providing behavioral health services for over 100 years, helping patients to not only face their mental health and addiction challenges, but rise above them. Our new infographic puts some numbers to how we help those struggling find their path to recovery.

Where Rogers is located

Our geographical footprint has grown from 1 location to 3 inpatient hospitals, 17 outpatient centers, 13 residential programs, and 40-plus unique partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Patients come from all 50 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

What and who we treat

Throughout our inpatient, residential, and specialized outpatient care, we treat children, teens, and adults for a range of mental health disorders, including:

Treatment that works

Twenty years of data from more than 17,000 patient self-assessments validates the effectiveness of our treatment. In fact, 91% of patients across the Rogers system are improved at the time of discharge according to the clinician-rated assessment of patient severity upon admission and assessment of improvement at time of discharge. Patient self-assessments also confirm that treatment is effective across programs and locations.

How Rogers gives back

The Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation supports patient care, programs, and research. For example, last year the Foundation provided more than $800,000 in patient care grants, and 1,610 patients received financial assistance.

The Rogers team

Across the U.S. Rogers has more than 2,000 employees with more than 140 on medical staff, including 80-plus psychiatrists.

Learn more about Rogers here. To request a free, confidential screening, call 800-767-4411, or fill out a form here.

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