OCD and Mood Disorder care for ASD

Care for kids with Autism spectrum disorder

A unique program focused on treating anxiety, mood, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and related disorders among youth with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is available in Tampa BayPhiladelphia, and San Francisco. Coming soon in Chicago!

Kids with ASD often also deal with anxiety, mood or OCD and related disorders that co-occur with their ASD diagnosis. Due to the social, emotional and behavioral difficulties that can result from this combination of disorders, providers and parents often feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult to know where to go for help, particularly given how challenging it is to find specialists who understand the unique needs of kids with ASD and co-occurring mental health conditions. 

Rogers offers an intensive CBT foundation of care plus related therapies, such as exposure therapy, behavioral activation, and elements of DBT, are supported by family and social skills coaching, experiential therapy and medication management. This program complements and supports referring providers, patients and families who deal with the complexity of autism spectrum disorder, by providing treatment for significant co-occurring mental health disorders. Our focus on these significant behavioral health disorders can significantly reduce mental health symptoms and greatly increase the overall functioning and quality of life for these kids and their families.

Who do we help?

Kids ages 6-18 with:

  • Diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder and OCD or anxiety disorder, depression or other mood disorder
  • Demonstrated willingness to receive treatment to improve quality of life while meeting clinical criteria for partial hospitalization, day treatment care

Specialized day treatment

  • Five days a week, 6 ½ hours a day including individual, group and family therapy, and education
  • Intensive cognitive behavioral therapy foundation
  • Therapies specific to needs, such as experiential therapy, exposure therapy, behavioral activation, family and social skills coaching, and elements of dialectical behavior therapy
  • Psychiatric assessment and medication management offered

Rogers’ Anxiety and Mood Disorders program for children and adolescents with ASD is the only program to offer partial hospitalization in Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and in Chicago in spring 2018. While Rogers’ specialists also help patients with ASD through existing OCD and anxiety programs in other locations, there is a benefit to having a program specifically focused on this group of kids. Our core approach to treatment remains the same, using intensive, evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy, but this program gives us the opportunity to meet the patients’ unique needs in a dedicated group.

We want to help.

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Anxiety and mood disorders for ASD services are available in:

Inpatient services

We offer inpatient care to help you gain stability before safely entering lower levels of care.

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OCD and anxiety services

Kids, teens and adults learn how to manage their OCD and anxiety. 

Depression and mood disorder services

We offer multiple levels of care for people with depression and related disorders.

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