Overcoming OCD and anxiety as a teen

Posted on 11/09/20 02:09:pm


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When a child is struggling with mental health, it may be difficult for the family as a whole to know what to do.

In Maya’s story, she shares about her family’s journey to Rogers and how she was able to overcome her OCD and anxiety through residential treatment in Oconomowoc.

“I didn’t know anyone else with OCD, my parents didn’t; so we had nothing to compare it to. We didn’t think my case was that bad, but unfortunately it was,” she explains.

Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety Center for adolescent residential care serves adolescents age 12 to 17 facing OCD and related anxiety disorders.

Learn more about Maya’s path to recovery and how she’s thriving after treatment.

If you do not feel you need treatment right away, but may be concerned, we offer online quizzes to possibly provide some relief. While these quizzes do not provide a diagnosis, it could be the first step in finding the treatment you may need. Take one online Anxiety or OCD Quiz today.

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