Symptoms and signs of anxiety disorders

Posted on 08/10/22 02:43:pm Anxiety symptoms and signs


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Everyone has anxiety at points in their life, but those with an anxiety disorder experience even more heightened levels of anxiety and more frequently. While there are many different types of anxiety, there are some symptoms that are common.

Common symptoms of anxiety

  • Difficulty controlling worry and performing necessary tasks
  • Struggling in social situations when talking and interacting with others
  • Avoiding social situations because of concern over doing or saying something embarrassing or being rejected
  • Recurrent episodes of intense fear and physical symptoms that seemingly happen for no reason

What can be done for an anxiety disorder?

The gold standard for the treatment of anxiety disorders is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), specifically exposure and response prevention (ERP), which is also used in the treatment of OCD and other mental health conditions. ERP works through a combination of gradual and repetitive exposure to a feared situation, as well as avoiding the impulse to use a compulsive behavior or tendency to avoid the situation altogether.

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Rogers offers care for anxiety disorders

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