Rogers expands access to mental health treatment

Posted on 02/29/24 03:55:pm Primary Behavioral Health


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Rogers Behavioral Health is providing an innovative new way for more people who struggle with their mental health to receive the high-quality and effective treatment Rogers provides.

Through a new group-based program called Primary Behavioral Health, Rogers’ team of experts work with people who have more than one mental health diagnosis and experience:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Avoiding work, activities, or other obligations
  • Trouble controlling their emotions
  • Difficulty with managing repetitive negative thoughts
  • Challenges with sleep
  • Difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships

Focusing on mental health symptoms

“We’re focusing on a person’s symptoms rather than a diagnosis,” says Dr. Ajeng Puspitasari, PhD, LP, ABPP, executive director of clinical services. “Through our Primary Behavioral Health program, we meet people where they are.”

Rogers’ multidisciplinary teams work with each individual to create a customized care plan that is specific to what each person needs.

“Using Process-based Cognitive and Behavior Therapy, we help patients understand the underlying processes, or personal ineffective coping strategies, and how they are preventing them from living a full and healthy life” she says.

Time is carved out each day for people to practice:

  • Life skills
  • Personal goal setting
  • Using the tools needed to get back to living their ideal life

“Each person starts with a series of evaluations and evidence-based assessments so we can better understand what challenges a person is facing,” Dr. Puspitasari explains. “The treatment team meets with each person to make recommendations that will chart a path forward. Rogers prides itself on providing evidence-based treatments and following research-backed innovations. Through Primary Behavioral Health, we’re excited for the opportunity to reach more people in the communities we serve.”

Where Primary Behavioral Health is offered

Adults can receive residential or PHP care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, which is the latest location in the Rogers system to provide Primary Behavioral Health services. Primary Behavioral Health PHP services will also begin in Tampa in late February, with Oconomowoc and West Allis soon to follow. Primary Behavioral Health PHP and IOP services for adults have already opened in St. Paul and San Diego, serving patients since December. Several other sites, including Appleton and Minneapolis will open similar programs this spring. Rogers also plans to expand these offerings to adolescents in the future.

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