Rising up at Rogers: Scott Johnson discovers his true calling

Posted on 06/03/22 02:36:pm


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Scott Johnson’s career has grown right alongside Rogers. The now chief operating officer of outpatient services began his journey 20 years ago as an intake specialist working second shift.

Over the years, Scott worked in many different areas – financial, medical staff relations, billing, and admissions and intake – but in doing so it helped him discover his true passion.

“I realized when I was helping establish these regional clinics that my true calling was really operations,” Scott says. “I think I had taken multiple steps on this path, but it came back to I really thrive on more seeing the work that’s being established and setting up clinics for them to be able to provide more help to patients.”

Scott serves as proof of the career progression that Rogers offers, and it’s something he says he has seen many other instances of over the years from people with a wide variety of backgrounds.

“Through the training and education provided, combined with personal commitment, the sky really is the limit,” he says.

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