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Reflections from Dr. Robyn Welk-Richards

Posted on 11/08/12 10:46:am


As Manager of the Eating Disorder Center at Rogers Memorial Hospital, attending conferences helps reinforce the reasons why I chose this career path. Just like any career, it is an ever changing community and interacting with other program managers and directors helps all of us understand what is happening globally in the treatment of eating disorders. They are great learning experiences, that I hope aid me in better serving both the patients I care for and Rogers Memorial Hospital.

I like to think of these conferences as a friendly competition where we all have a similar, united goal: to help individual’s battle eating disorders and find their footing. To help them re-create their identity free from the haunting and controlling illness.

Attending workshops and presentations to gain knowledge that I can bring back to Rogers and share with other clinical staff is something else I take advantage of at conferences. The community there is one attended by clinicians and advocates, but also by individuals in recovery, friends and family. The energy surrounding this advocacy and support is always amazing to see, but more importantly you can feel it.

When I return to the Eating Disorder Center at Rogers I feel re-energized. I embrace my role as a leader and educator, appreciating the opportunities I have to learn more about the treatment and journeys individuals with eating disorders take. I am excited to use what I learned and figure out how to relate all that information back here in Wisconsin, at Rogers and with our patients and their families.

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