Mental health treatment for teens in the summer

Posted on 06/06/24 11:56:am


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According to Mental Health America, over 1 in 10 youth in the U.S. are experiencing depression that is severely impairing their ability to function at school or work, at home, with family, or in their social life.

Teen mental health in the summer

While students and families are preparing to welcome the carefree days of summer, it’s important to remember mental health challenges don’t take a break over the summer months. What was problematic during the school year can easily slip under the radar, and changes in structure and routine can make matters worse.

Residential teen mental health treatment

Residential treatment offers children and teens the opportunity to gain the life-changing skills they need to get mentally stronger.

“The pressures of school have subsided for a little bit, and we can prepare for the upcoming year in a therapeutic setting,” says Peggy Scallon, MD, medical director of Focus Depression Recovery adolescent residential care at Rogers in Oconomowoc.

Rogers’ treatment teams provide compassionate care in a homelike setting, while not forgetting that they are working with kids.

“We have a recreational therapy staff, and we always remember that they need to play,” explains Dr. Scallon. “Kids can reflect on what they need therapeutically and have fun while doing it.”

How Rogers can help with mental health in teens

Rogers provides residential treatment for children and teens for OCD, anxiety, eating disorders, depression and other mood disorders, and mental health and addiction. Partial hospitalization care (PHP) and intensive outpatient care (IOP) are provided at clinic locations nationwide.

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