Liz’s addiction recovery journey: how she found sobriety at Rogers

Posted on 10/18/23 03:15:pm Liz's addiction recovery journey


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“At Thanksgiving in 2020, I was in the inpatient level of care. This Thanksgiving I'll celebrate 3 years sober. My family is forever grateful.

Toward the end of high school and through college I would party. It became different for me when I was out of college and at home drinking by myself. I would drink at least a bottle of wine a day, but I was high functioning. I did well at work and looked good at home. But I would get mean and that was unacceptable.

I was trying for two years and relapsing, and where I live just doesn’t have the mental health resources. My parents live in Wisconsin, and they recommended we try Rogers.”

Understanding her addiction

“I think the scientific approach that explained my brain reacts differently to substances was a huge eye opener. I worked hard every day at Rogers and took it very seriously because I never imagined a person like me would be in an inpatient facility. 

Rogers shows you different avenues you can try. You meet so many different people that you can see what clicks and what works for you. Rogers has so many resources, too. You can talk with a psychiatrist, you have a therapist, and you can talk to peers who understand what you’re going through. You’re going to find something positive and a lifeboat to cling to in the middle of the storm.

Getting into the practice of setting 10 to 30 minutes aside each day to reach a few small goals has helped me feel proud again, which has helped me stay sober and mentally healthy. I was able to create positive patterns and a toolkit of little things I can do.”

Leading life with sobriety

“Sobriety is a marathon. Sometimes it’s harder and sometimes it’s easier. Your life is the same before and after you get sober, but your perspective shifts so much.

Before Rogers I would wake up with shame and anxiety every morning, ‘What did I say, who did I text?’ I felt embarrassment and regret. I’m so glad not to have that anymore. My husband is proud of me, my son is proud of me. My friends can see changes in me. They’re proud of me, too.”


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