Jana’s story: How Rogers’ OCD and anxiety treatment helped her pursue her Miss America pageant dream

Posted on 03/08/24 10:19:am


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While growing up, Jana enjoyed being in the spotlight. She participated in singing and dance classes in addition to theater productions. She says her early struggles with contamination OCD started out small and as they grew, she felt alone.

“I would describe it like this – it’s like I’m wearing goggles, and I can see what’s contaminated,” says Jana. “I remember thinking, ‘Why am I the only one who sees this?’”

When her symptoms worsened in college, her parents urged her to seek treatment, which she did at Rogers in Miami and Tampa.

Since leaving treatment, Jana has followed her Miss America pageant dreams. She currently holds the title of Miss Shelbyville and will compete in the Miss Tennessee competition this summer.

Watch the video above to hear how Jana uses her Miss America platform to share her story.  

As a member of the International OCD Foundation Advocate program, Jana talks about her journey to combat stigma. Watch this video to hear why she thinks advocacy is important.

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