How smartphones can help support addiction recovery

Posted on 07/26/19 12:59:pm Smartphones help support addiction recovery


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In order to maintain recovery from addiction, we encourage patients to be active in their recovery on a daily basis, whether they’re in treatment, just out of treatment, or have been in recovery for years,” explains Dr. Michelle Maloney, executive director of Addiction Recovery.

She shares one way people can stay committed to their recovery is through smartphone apps.

“While patients are in treatment at Rogers, we utilize daily meditations that can provide inspiration and hope for continuing a successful recovery,” says Dr. Maloney. “A lot of the addiction recovery apps provide a similar type of motivation. If a patient can start a routine while in treatment and be consistent with that routine when returning home, it can be extremely beneficial for their recovery journey.”

Dr. Maloney’s list of recommended apps include I Am SoberSober GridPink CloudAA Meeting GuideSMART RecoveryRecovery Elevator, and Daily Bread.

The types of resources and tools found within these apps include:

  • Tracking the amount of time a person’s been sober in days, months, and even hours
  • Recovery milestone trophies
  • Motivational addiction recovery quotes and readings
  • Craving and trigger trackers and peer support from the app community when experiencing a trigger
  • Local support meeting finders; tracking attendance
  • Support for family members who have a loved one in treatment or in recovery

“Living in the digital age, people always have their phones with them, so these apps really provide a fast and simple way to incorporate recovery into their daily lives no matter where they are,” she adds. “Research also suggests that the more connections a person has to other people who are in recovery, the more likely they’ll stay in recovery, and apps can offer that type of instant community support.”

To learn more about these apps, visit our Addiction Recovery Apps to Support a Recovery Lifestyle webpage.


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