Addiction Recovery Apps to Support a Recovery Lifestyle

Addiction Recovery Apps to Support a Recovery Lifestyle

In order to maintain recovery, Rogers encourages you to be active in your recovery on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons we call your relapse prevention plan a daily recovery plan. By doing something for your recovery each day, you will be better prepared to address triggers, cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms as they arise. Some ways to help you be active in your recovery is through a few apps designed for your smartphone. Each app offers different features that range from tracking your recovery date to inspirational quotes to letting you know when and where a meeting is in your area.  Some of these apps are free; while others have a nominal charge. These apps are readily available through your smartphone app store and are another resource for you to experience your own recovery journey. Listed below are some of our recommendations as well as some basic facts about each app.  We recommend you choose the one that best fits your daily recovery needs.

I Am Sober:  

  • Stats: Days, months, hours, sober. Money saved. Time saved.
  • Motivation: Daily motivational/inspirational quotes and readings (both free and cost-associated options)
  • Photos can be loaded, as motivation factors
  • Daily check-ins: How you spent your time today (behavior activations), recovery behaviors, mood, level of difficulty to remain abstinent today.
  • Ability to share motivation with link to other social media sites, like Facebook, but feels more like recovery support

Sober Grid:

  • Stats: Days, months, hours, sober. Money saved. Time saved.
  • Trigger tracker: able to post to the group social page for support
  • Daily “Quest Goal” for accountability
  • Daily inspiration and motivational quotes and readings
  • Post “trophy” milestones for each day, week, month, abstinent, able to post to the group for praise and support comments

Pink Cloud:

  • Tracks meeting attendance, weekly, monthly, and per year
  • Meeting finder
  • “Program” accountability (check boxes for how you maintained your recovery program each day) 
  • Phone list (create a phone list option)
  • Invite friends from phone list to meetings you plan to attend
  • $0.99 per month/$9.99 per year

AA Meeting Guide:

  • AA meetings list

SMART Recovery:

  • Create cost/benefit analysis lists to reflect on

Recovery Elevator:

  • Stats: Days, months, hours, sober. Money saved. Time saved.
  • Podcast links
  • Milestones

Daily Bread:

  • Inspiration, life advice, health info, daily challenge/goal
  • $3.99 per month/$9.99 lifetime

Additional non face-to-face recovery support options

By phone:

Online: (registration required for access) (NA online meetings)


Mother Recovering:
This Naked Mind:
Recovery Elevator:

YouTube videos:

AA Speakers
NA Speakers
Celebrate Recovery
SMART Recovery

Helpful apps:

AA Big Book
NA Speakers
Celebrate Recovery
Recovery Path
Sober Tool
7 cups of Tea

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