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How Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety Center offers hope and healing for children and their loved ones

Posted on 01/03/23 05:08:pm


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As a parent or caregiver, it can be difficult to recognize if a child is struggling with OCD and anxiety.

Common symptoms may include:

  • Unwanted, anxiety-producing thoughts, images, or urges
  • Compulsion to think certain thoughts or phrases silently and repeatedly
  • Frequently seeking reassurance from family or friends regarding worries

While battling mental health challenges, children tend to lose confidence and isolate, leaving loved ones wondering what to do.

"By the time I meet with parents, they really don't know how to talk to their kids anymore," says Steven Hoffman, therapist, OCD and Anxiety Center. "Over a period of time during treatment, they get to know their child all over again."

Click the video above to hear how Rogers uses evidence-based therapy to get kids and their families on the road to healing.

How Rogers can help

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