How Rogers encourages family involvement during addiction treatment

Posted on 11/13/20 03:35:pm


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For the families of someone with a substance use disorder, it can be difficult to know how to be there for your loved one during treatment.

"Support is integral to long-term recovery," explains Michelle Maloney, PhD, LPC, CAADC, CRPS, executive director of addiction services at Rogers. "As patients learn to live life in a healthier way, they need role models and non-judgmental 'cheerleaders' to be by their side to assist them if they stumble."

And while this collaboration is crucial for the patient, it is also valuable for family members to get access to their own knowledge and resources, as addiction impacts not only the patient, but those around them as well.

How does Rogers include families in treatment?

Recognizing the role support plays during addiction treatment, Rogers now offers a free program for family and friends of patients receiving addiction care at Rogers. Participants in the program:

  • Meet every other weekend.
  • Receive psychoeducation.
  • Learn to establish healthy boundaries.
  • Gain strategies to improve communication.
  • Understand and change their behaviors so they can assist their loved one and begin their own recovery journey.
  • Learn more about the treatment approach at Rogers so they are more prepared to encourage their loved one through the challenges of treatment and recovery.
  • Come together to share challenges and speak in a judgement-free space with trained staff and other families who may be able to relate to their experiences.

"A large part of recovery is repairing relationships that have been ruptured," Dr. Maloney explains. "Families can help their loved ones by offering patience and care for the person with addiction. Sometimes this means setting firm boundaries and staying healthy themselves so that they have the capacity to support their loved one long term."

Note that for adolescents, depending on particular state laws, family involvement may depend on approval by the patient.

Family involvement during COVID-19

While the encouragement of family and friends has always been important, Dr. Maloney says this has been magnified by the pandemic as in-person resources and interactions have been limited.

"As COVID-19 impacts our communities, we understand that this program may be the only source of community support available," Dr. Maloney explains.

To ensure that everyone is able to participate safely, the program is being conducted virtually until it is safe to do so in person.

Finding help at Rogers

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, help is available at Rogers. Outpatient care is provided at locations throughout the country, while inpatient and residential treatment is offered at locations in southeastern Wisconsin. To request a free, confidential screening, call 800-767-4411 or request one online.


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