How OCD and anxiety treatment at Rogers equipped Amy to move forward in life

Posted on 09/28/23 06:57:am OCD and anxiety treatment


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"I honestly owe Rogers my life.

I could write a book on how life changing, and life giving, it has been for me to stay at Rogers. If you give it a chance, treatment at Rogers could be your opportunity to start seeing relief in your life. It's hard work, it sucks to do the work and go through ERP, but it saved my life.

The staff genuinely care about you and are good at what they do. The facility and grounds are gorgeous.

The programming is set up in a way that you cannot just crawl back into bed and avoid your life like I was used to doing because of my anxiety, OCD, and panic. I picked up new hobbies while I was there, like crocheting and painting. I started to do things again, like working out and going for walks.

I went from being so controlled by my health anxiety and OCD that I was not functioning. I was unable to go to work and my world became incredibly small. I was cancelling plans with friends, jumping from doctor to doctor, and having daily panic attacks. I went from always being on edge waiting for the next medical emergency to now ... realizing I am in control over my behaviors.

I now can go throughout my day actually enjoying conversations with friends. I am back at work and able to focus. I still have intrusive thoughts, but they go as easily as they come and I am able to say to my intrusive thoughts, 'Maybe, maybe not,' and live in that uncertainty now which has led to a freer and fuller life.

I still have quite a ways to go, but Rogers has given me a tool shed of resources to pull from. I now feel equipped to move forward knowing my OCD and health anxiety is not in control anymore. I have hope for the first time in my life."


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