How daily interactions can help break down stigma

Posted on 04/01/22 11:42:am


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As a child, Stephanie, a former Rogers patient, recalls that talking about mental health was discouraged. Then when she began to struggle with her own mental health and sought treatment at Rogers, she realized how deeply that stigma was embedded in her.

"I had my own stigmas when I was first experiencing it – I thought it was embarrassing," Stephanie explains.

With the help of her treatment team at Rogers, Stephanie found opportunities in her life to push back on the stigma and secrecy surrounding mental health. One day while walking her dog, Stephanie met another resident of her neighborhood who asked where she'd been. Rather than hide it or make up an excuse, Stephanie told them she'd been seeking help for her mental health and that she was very proud of the progress she'd made so far.

The reaction?

Not only did this acquaintance commend her for being so open, they also shared a story about their family's experiences with mental health. Through small, but meaningful, interactions like this Stephanie is doing her part to reduce stigma.

Help is available at Rogers

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