Hear why evidence-based treatment is effective in treating depression

Posted on 08/12/22 02:59:pm Giving Voice to Depression podcast


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Depression is more than feeling “the blues.” The Anxiety and Depression Association of America describes it as a low mood that is more persistent and severe.

In a Giving Voice to Depression podcast, David Jacobi, PhD, clinical director and psychologist at Rogers in Sheboygan, explains what cognitive behavioral therapy is and why it’s considered one of the most effective evidence-based treatments available.

“It’s difficult to change an emotion directly,” says Dr. Jacobi. “When we feel sad, frustrated, down, and hopeless, we tend to engage in avoidance patterns. Treatment for depression involves behavioral activation. We try to meet people where they are and assign them activities.”

Click the link above to hear more about why changing behavior leads to improving negative emotions. Additionally, Dr. Jacobi offers tips to support someone who is struggling.

Podcast producer and co-host, Terry McGuire, asked people with depression to share what the voice of depression tells them.

“One of the least talked about symptoms is the deep, damning, thoughts that play incessantly in the minds of someone suffering from depression,” says Terry. “People without depression don’t know much about these thoughts, and those with depression have likely never had the opportunity to hear what anyone else is thinking.”

You can hear what Terry’s listeners said by clicking here.

Help for depression and other mood disorders

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression or other mood disorder, Rogers offers treatment in a growing number of communities nationwide. Schedule a free screening by calling 800-767-4411 or completing an online request.

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