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Hear how evidence-based treatment at Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety Center changes lives

Posted on 10/18/22 07:34:am


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At Rogers’ OCD and Anxiety Center, multidisciplinary teams use highly effective cognitive behavioral therapy to help kids and teens reduce symptoms and develop lifelong coping skills.

"Kids come to us wanting to change how they feel," says Sara Lee, PhD, OCD and Anxiety Center. "It's really hard to just change how you feel, so instead we're focused on making changes to behaviors that change your mood."

"For some kids, it really allows for a lightbulb moment," says Steven Hoffman, therapist, OCD and Anxiety Center. "They start to understand they don’t have to believe everything they think.”

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If you’re unsure if your child may be struggling, check out our OCD and anxiety facts.

Rogers’ OCD and anxiety treatment

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