Former eating disorder patient helps others

Posted on 05/31/24 12:01:pm Former eating disorder patient helps others


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By Melissa Madriaga, former patient, Eating Disorder Recovery

“I sought eating disorder treatment at Rogers in Oconomowoc in May of 2007 after suffering from severe anorexia. I had cardiac arrest that same year in March and was kicked out of a different eating disorder program prior to my admission at Rogers."

Disordered eating started in early teen years

"I struggled with disordered eating since my early teens due to trauma-related issues and an inability to express my feelings and emotions appropriately. Anorexia was my coping skill that led to me nearly dying at the age of 23. Going to treatment at Rogers saved my life. If I had not gone there, I know that I would have died at a very young age and my daughters would have been motherless."

Eating disorder recovery and treatment advocacy

"In treatment I learned so many valuable coping skills and ways to express and manage my feelings and emotions. While treatment was not easy, it was absolutely worth it. Some days were harder than others. Some days the tears would not stop flowing. I recall the day a nurse was taking my blood, and I had an epiphany moment where I said, 'I need to help others.’ This moment changed my life. 

Fast forward to now. I'm a licensed professional counselor with years of eating disorder recovery under my belt. I graduated from grad school in 2015 and have been a counselor since then. I have a strong desire to help others because I know what it feels like to be at rock bottom. Treatment changed my life for the better. All I can say to others is go to treatment, go to counseling. It's truly a life changer.”

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