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Finding hope after addiction: Brad’s story

Posted on 08/06/21 10:13:am


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“I really only had two choices. One was to continue and die alone. The other was to come here.”

Brad says he struggled with alcohol and drug use throughout most of his teen and adult years and was always sick. Then one day, he realized how sad he was.

“If I wouldn’t have come to Rogers Behavioral Health, I would have ended up dead or in jail,” Brad shares. “I didn’t want to go on anymore. I didn’t want to live.”

While in treatment at Herrington Center for Addiction Recovery, Brad was able to able to get in touch with his emotions and deal with them for the first time in his life.

“We really focused on the behavioral aspect of things—my self-loathing, my self-esteem, my anxiety,” Brad explains. “I walked out of here for the first time in my life with some hope.”

Hear more about Brad’s journey to recovery in the video above.

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