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Dual Diagnosis Programming at Rogers

Posted on 09/03/14 01:18:pm


This fall, addiction programs offered by Rogers Memorial Hospital are expanding to include a new dual diagnosis track at the Herrington Recovery Center (HRC) and a dual diagnosis intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs in Madisonand Brown Deer.

“Most addiction programs have little to no psychiatric services and few deal intensively with co-occurring disorders,” said Michael Miller, MD, FASAM, FAPA, medical director of the HRC. “By incorporating 14 hours per week of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for patients in our residential program, we are able to effectively treat addiction and common co-occurring psychiatric disorders like mood disorders, anxiety, OCD and trauma.”

Located at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, WI, the HRC is part of a top psychiatric hospital, where psychiatric consultation and concurrent treatment of mental health concerns by board-certified psychiatrists is available. This dual track gives HRC the ability to truly integrate addiction and psychiatric care, helping patients suffering from substance abuse and a significant anxiety disorder at one time. The schedule for the dual diagnosis track has been arranged to allow for more specific programming, including sessions with behavioral specialists who provide CBT, and other tools including behavioral activation and exposure and response prevention.

As with the current program, the HRC will offer experiential therapies along with core addiction services, including 12-Step facilitation. The HRC is also addressing tobacco use disorder and offers education and recovery interventions to address nicotine. Abstinence from smoking improves a person’s chances of lasting success in abstaining from other alcohol and addictive drug use. The board-certified addiction specialist physicians at the HRC integrate pharmacological therapies for alcohol, opioid and nicotine addiction into psychosocial therapies for addiction and, when indicated, specialized psychiatric therapies and medication management.

In addition to the new track at the HRC, Rogers’ clinic in Madison is also opening an intensive outpatient dual diagnosis program, while Rogers’ Brown Deer is looking to add both an adult and adolescent dual diagnosis intensive outpatient programs and an adult dual diagnosis partial hospitalization program.

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