Celebrating sobriety: Kate’s story

Posted on 04/23/18 06:24:pm

Kate's story began like many young women's. A happy childhood, high school friendships, followed by what’s an almost expected college partying phase. She got married and eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Zoey Matilda.

Here’s where Kate’s story developed a difficult chapter.

Postpartum depression and addiction

Like 1 in 9 new mothers today, after giving birth, Kate developed extreme postpartum depression. Not knowing what to do with her depression, she began medicating with both a prescription from her doctor and on her own—with alcohol.

Soon she was drinking every day, all day.

In the U.S., 15.1 million adults have alcohol use disorder—yet less than 7% will receive treatment. Alcohol dependency develops faster in women than in men, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, now kills more than 26,000 women each year. Women with substance use disorder are also more likely to have co-occurring mental illnesses like postpartum depression.

“I was on a downhill spiral with alcohol,” says Kate. ”I was on a destructive path going 90 miles an hour, and I wasn’t stopping for anyone.”

But on March 17—St. Patrick’s Day—Kate’s destructive path came to a screeching halt.

After a less than lucky night of St. Patrick's Day cheer, Kate awoke the next morning to find her parents in her home, insisting she seek treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health. Insisting she save her life.

After four days in inpatient withdrawal management at Rogers, Kate entered the Herrington Recovery Center residential treatment for both her substance use disorder and depression. After 30 days at Herrington, she stepped down to outpatient therapy at Rogers–West Allis and continuing support groups. After nine months of sobriety, she attended a winter retreat through Rogers.

Kate also received support from Rogers Behavioral Health Foundation that covered not only the retreat, but her stay at Herrington as well.

“The most important thing, is that your journey does not stop after your stay at Herrington," Kate explains. "You have to continue being committed, focused, and dedicated to your sobriety in the real world. I will forever be indebted to Rogers for the opportunity at life again. Today I am a proud, healthy mother, daughter, friend, and sister, but I am also forever a survivor.”

There's one more thing Kate can add to that list—today Kate is also a great inspiration. And in many ways, her story is just beginning.

Congratulations, Kate. Keep on inspiring.


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