Treatment at the Child Center helps family find a safe path home

Posted on 01/06/12 12:35:pm


The mother of a former patient who came to the Child Center recently shared that she had experienced a vivid dream about herself and her daughter seeking a safe path home in the middle of a terrible storm. She believes the dream symbolized the struggle their family went through to find help for her daughter. Today, the mother says, her daughter is stronger, their path is safer and she is confident that brighter days lie ahead.

“We are incredibly eternally grateful that you responded to our cries for help. Thank you for “rescuing” our daughter from her dangerous, frightening situation. You have not only pulled her up to safer ground, but you have made the path safer for all of us as a family to return home. I am certain that we are looking forward to brighter and happier days ahead. Many thanks to each and every one of you for your patience, kindness, knowledge, caring, and support. Our daughter is our precious gift and we are so thankful to have her coming home with us.”

We are honored to be able to share this mother’s story with you. Her full account of the dream is here:

  • "I recently had a dream and was able to recall most of it in the morning. In the dream, my sister was driving me and my daughter home after spending the afternoon together. I didn’t want my sister to go out of her way and to just drive straight home. I talked her into letting us out of her car and walking the rest of the way home.

  • As my daughter and I continued on foot, the sky grew dark and a terrible storm was fast approaching. We were soon struggling to walk against the fierce, cold, biting wind. Suddenly, there was a violent, torrential downpour. We were becoming increasingly blinded and scared in the darkness, howling winds, and the pounding rain.

  • What should have been a relatively short trek home, seemed to take forever. We felt so vulnerable and afraid, but we pushed each other to continue on until we reached our warm, safe home.

  • Up ahead in the distance, we could see a blur of red and white flashing lights. Several police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances were on the side of the road and also blocking both lanes near the bridge. EMTs and firemen were working furiously to aid the victims involved in a horrible car accident.

  • Everyone warned us to stop and someone would take us home. The bridge was flooded and impassable. I decided that we should forge ahead, but we had to find solid ground. If we could hike alongside of the road through the rocks, stones and the woods, we could safely make it home.

  • I encouraged my daughter to climb over the guard rail and step onto the large rocks and I followed her. Her left foot slipped on the wet rock, and she quickly plummeted down the embankment towards the dangerous, rocky river below. She was so brave and strong and she managed to grab hold of an angled, rusty, metal beam on the bridge. Shaking and crying, I frantically worked my way down to help her back up. I was absolutely terrified that we were both going to fall. I began to yell for help. The noise of the raging river, the rain, wind, sirens and people above us drowned my cries for help. The next thing that I remembered was my husband kissing me on the forehead and reassuring me that “everything will be alright.

  • I have been feeling so guilty, lost, lonely, frightened, and helpless with our daughter for the past year. I believe that my dream/nightmare was very symbolic and representative of our struggles to help our daughter through the “storm.” I can also say that I am concerned that we will be able to stay strong and continue on the right path. "
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