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Stephanie’s Story: individual growth at Rogers

Posted on 05/24/22 12:29:pm


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One of the things that depression often takes away from people is their ability to enjoy or look forward to what they used to love doing. In the video above, Stephanie explains how she benefited from Rogers’ skills practice time and was able to find joy again in one of her favorite activities.

Using skills practice time at Rogers Behavioral Health

Personal time is built into the partial hospitalization programs at Rogers to give patients opportunities to apply the skills they’re learning to real life scenarios or for behavioral activation. For Stephanie, she used to love working out, but had fallen out of the habit due to depression.

As part of her treatment, she was given the goal of working out a certain number of hours each week. Soon, exercise went from being a chore to something that boosted her mood, and she could look forward to each day

Rogers offers treatment for addiction and mental health disorders

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