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Paddle Boarding to Recovery

Posted on 06/24/14 01:08:pm


At Rogers Memorial Hospital, our treatment consists of many components. What makes our treatment approach unique is the multiple levels of therapy we provide including family, group, individual -- and experiential.

Often an overlooked piece, experiential therapy can be essential to a healthy recovery. This type of therapy involves a range of activities from art and music to recreation. With a ropes course(link is external), a climbing wall, access to multiple lakes and acres of trails through a beautifully wooded setting, Rogers is an ideal location to practice this form of treatment.

Something new: Paddle boarding

One of the most recent additions to the many experiential therapy activities offered at Rogers is paddle boarding. Paddle boarding utilizes a traditional surf board and a paddle, which is used to propel the boarder across the top of the water while standing on the board.

Paddle boarding offers many benefits, both physically and mentally. As in all experiential therapy activities, attempting and accomplishing a new task will build confidence. With an activity like paddle boarding, we remind our patients of their capabilities and strengths, while providing support as they challenge themselves to overcome fears and self-doubt. That’s empowering!

With increased exposure to the different activities offered, including paddle boarding, we often find this helps decrease the avoidance and anxiety surrounding experiential therapy for those who are hesitant to participate. Any physical activity can provide relief from anxiety and stress. While a patient is focusing on accomplishing the task at hand rather than on the therapy itself, he or she can let their guard down and feel free to be themselves.

With more confidence and a sense of relaxation, paddle boarding and experiential activities can invoke positive moods and give patients an uplifted outlook. And, by trying new and different leisure activities, patients find healthy interests to pursue in their free time.

Getting mentally and physically fit

In addition to the mental benefits of paddle boarding, this activity in particular also promotes a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Paddle boarding requires balance, coordination, strength and even patience. It can truly test an individual’s ability to persevere and once they have conquered the task, it will provide an undeniable sense of accomplishment.

Paddle boarding is rapidly increasing in popularity, and working its way up to one of the top water sports. Rogers Memorial Hospital is proud to be able to introduce this unique opportunity as both a form of therapy and an exciting new wilderness experience for our patients.

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