New podcast provides critical insights for parents on teen addiction

Posted on 09/24/20 05:53:pm Reducing Risk of Teen Addiction


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Rogers’ Dr. Michelle Maloney, executive director of addiction recovery at Rogers, discusses the state of teen addiction across our communities in Rogers’ new podcast, Reducing the Risk of Teen Addiction.

“We know when teens turn to substance use it can have a major impact on their health and well-being,” explains Dr. Maloney. “But we can stop this emerging problem before it begins by focusing on prevention, recognizing the warnings signs, and understanding the link between addiction and mental health. Our goal with this podcast is to help educate parents and families so they can feel better prepared when navigating conversations with their teens on this topic.”

The podcast is a four-part series focusing on all aspects of teen addiction, including:

  • Current State of Teen Addiction
  • Risk Factors and Why Teens Use
  • Mental Health Connection Behind Substance Use
  • What Parents Can Do

Also accompanying the podcast are downloadable tip sheets:

  • What to do if you think your teen needs help
  • How do I have a conversation with my teen?
  • Tips for friends and family members

To listen and learn more, visit the Reducing the Risk of Teen Addiction podcast page.

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