How Rogers treats addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions

Posted on 01/25/22 11:15:am


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Studies show that nearly one-third of alcohol users and half of drug users also have a mental illness. When a person is struggling with both addiction and mental illness, it can create a vicious cycle, compounding each other’s negative effects. This makes addiction challenging to address, as treating only one condition can cause the co-occurring issue to become more serious.

To effectively treat both addiction and co-occurring disorders at once, Rogers uses a multidisciplinary approach, looking at the patient holistically instead of isolating one issue at a time.

“We’re treating the whole person, not one thing at a time, so if someone comes in with multiple issues we can tackle them all at once instead of having to go through multiple specialty programs," explains Maria Recker, a behavioral specialist at Rogers' Appleton clinic. "We can really get at everything when the person needs it the most."

Help is available at Rogers

At Rogers, our multidisciplinary team is trained to assess and treat the entire person – mind, body and spirit, not just the addiction. Each patient works with their treatment team to learn healthy ways to manage their addiction and co-occurring mental illness.

Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care for mental health and addiction are offered at locations throughout the country, while residential and inpatient care is available in Southeast Wisconsin. To request a free, confidential screening:

  • Call 800-767-4411
  • Request a screening online.

Call 800-767-4411 or go to to request a free screening.