Medication management

Medication Management

For many people medications are an important component of care. In combination with regular treatment, our care team may suggest a medication plan to help improve a patient's successful treatment outcome. Our medical staff assesses medical history and symptoms to determine which medication and dosage may be a helpful supplement to behavioral therapy. 

We understand sometimes there is a stigma around using medication; however, medication, or pharmacologic therapy, can be extremely helpful in decreasing  symptoms of mental illness or addiction. The treatment team regularly reviews patients' medication plan to ensure it’s the right fit.

Therapy is still the foundation of the care we provide at Rogers. Relying on medications alone can sometimes be risky and lead to relapse, or a return of symptoms. Over time the body may react differently to medications, or if a person stops taking them, and they don’t have a toolbox of skills such as those developed in therapy, they may not be equipped to overcome life’s challenges.

Rogers does use a third-party pharmacy for some medications. Medication fees are billed separately for residential, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care.

Medication-assisted treatment

For adults facing addiction, including alcohol, drug or opioid addiction, medication-assisted treatment may be part of the treatment plan, but not as a freestanding service.

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