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Quick facts

Learn more about trauma and PTSD symptoms, causes, and treatment options.

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Living with the paralyzing reminders of a past trauma can make even the simple things in life seem difficult. With a unique and intensive evidence-based PTSD treatment program, Rogers Behavioral Health is here to help you.

Post-traumatic stress disorder quiz

Answer the questions completely and honetly. Remember, it is never too late to seek help for your child.

Do I have PTSD? PTSD may occur in response to a traumatic event. These symptoms can manifest in a few behavioral ways, like: withdrawal from activities, difficulty sleeping, and more. The quiz questions below can help determine if you are behaving in a way that demonstrates a tendency toward PTSD. While helpful, it is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnosis or to diagnose posttraumatic stress disorder. Based on your answers, you may receive a possible indication of PTSD. If so, we are here and ready to help!

1. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a life-threatening event (includes perceived-to-be life-threatening events, e.g., physical assault, unwanted sexual experience/assault, accident, unexpected loss of a loved one, life-threatening medical illness, aftermath of life-threatening event or death, etc.)?

2. Do you experience recurrent nightmares or flashbacks of the event, feeling as though you’re in the life-threatening situation again?

3. Do you typically avoid places, people, activities or other things that remind you of the event?

4. Do you often feel on edge or anxious?

5. Do you tend not to go out in public?

6. Do you feel depressed and alone?

7. Do you engage in risky behaviors, such as substance use, gambling, driving fast, etc.?

Dr. Chad Wetterneck

Authored by Dr. Chad Wetterneck, clinical director, Trauma Recovery services, Rogers Behavioral Health

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