OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center Adult Residential Care

OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center Adult Residential Care

Residential OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center for adults open in Oconomowoc

Our residential OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, provides the care and support needed for adults with a primary diagnosis of OCD or other anxiety disorder with significant co-occurring depression. Patients can expect a stay of six to nine weeks, but timing depends on each patient’s individual progress and situation.

Led by a board-certified psychiatrist, our multi-disciplinary team works together to address OCD and anxiety symptoms as well as depressive symptoms. Patients participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)exposure and response prevention (ERP), and behavioral activation (BA). We also incorporate specific dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) components throughout treatment to build distress tolerance, crises management, and effective communication insight and skills.

A combination of group and individual work is facilitated by the patient’s therapist, experiential therapists, behavior specialists, and residential care specialists. When appropriate, patients will have opportunities to participate in off-campus activities designed to help them work on treatment goals in community-based activities. The treatment team understands that change can be difficult for patients, and we support change by tying motivation to each patient’s stated treatment goals. Patients who approach their stay in the program with willingness, active participation, and effort, tend to be more successful during their stay.


A typical day provides the structure and framework for patients to progress through treatment by participating in individual and group therapy sessions, go on off-campus outings, and more. This is just a sampling of a typical schedule.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Flex/personal time Assignment time Unplugged time (engaging in activities that do not include electronic devices
Assignment time Flex/personal time Community outing
Experiential therapy Community outing/public exposures Assignment time
Mindfulness DBT and CBT group Game room/Gym activities
  Assignment time Personal/phone time
  Experiential therapy  
  Flex/personal time  


OCD, Anxiety, and Depression Center Adult Residential Care setting and tour


Group room


Day room

Day room

Day room

Day room


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