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Rising Above Depression | Stephanie's Story

Stephanie has struggled her entire life with her mental health, though she didn't recognize it until she was older. When she lost her brother to suicide, her own struggles only got worse. Hear her talk about her own struggles with suicidal ideation and how she explains "if I had not gotten the help that I received I would not be alive today."

Stephanie feels grateful that she had the opportunity to go to Rogers and she hopes that others will reach out for help in similar ways.

Creating awareness for people has been an objective of hers both personally and professionally. She works to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and to create safe spaces for people to talk about their mental health.

Stephanie says "I think of my life as before Rogers and after Rogers."

Stephanie initially received her inpatient treatment at Rogers Behavioral Health in Oconomowoc, WI. She later received additional care through the 12-week outpatient program offered in Appleton, WI. With the help she received from Rogers' team of experts, she was able to find a path to recovery.

Suffering from depression can damage every aspect of a person's life. Strained relationships, lost or disrupted careers, hurtful actions, and endless regret--they all represent the impact of depression. Rogers understands this and has the tools to help.

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