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Rae Anne Frey-Ho Fung, PhD, LP

Clinical Supervisor, Psychologist

Rae Anne Frey-Ho Fung, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who specializes in evidence-based treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma, and co-morbid conditions at Rogers Behavioral Health’s Brown Deer and West Allis locations. Dr. Frey works as a behavioral specialist and is a clinical supervisor for adult and adolescent Trauma Recovery partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care in Brown Deer and West Allis, and Herrington Center for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery adult residential care in West Allis.

Dr. Frey-Ho Fung received her Bachelor of Science in elementary education and psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She then completed her master’s degree in community counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she also earned her doctorate in counseling psychology. In addition to her work with Rogers, Dr. Frey-Ho Fung is an instructor at the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education, where she has co-developed trauma counseling courses. She has also taught a summer course for clinical psychology students seeking master’s degrees at Alverno College

Her interest in trauma psychology is from her time spent as an urban teacher and combat veteran. Dr. Frey-Ho Fung specializes in treating trauma and co-occurring conditions for those who have survived interpersonal violence, sexual assault, physical abuse, community violence, combat, and motor vehicle and industrial accidents.

She is a member of the American Psychological Association and is a committee member of the UWM Annual Trauma Conference.

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